About Us

We’re here to support companies in their decarbonization journey, providing them with access to resources, networks, and opportunities for growth at the Global Decarbonization Expo and Summit

Our History

Autonomy has been a guiding presence in the global movement to decarbonize mobility.

Nine years ago we created the first dedicated Mobility Expo and Summit – Autonomy Paris, that connected industry leaders, innovators, policymakers and enthusiasts in exploring the world of sustainable urban mobility. We have held dedicated mobility summits in Paris, London, Berlin and Munich; and we’ll keep organizing City Summits, next up are London and Koln. We now see the bigger picture of decarbonization and are pivoting to the Global Decarbonization Expo, that integrates Solar, Batteries, EVs and Autonomous tech.

Meet the team

Our Values


Embracing creativity and forward-thinking to develop and integrate cutting-edge solutions in solar, battery, EVs, and autonomous technology.


Promoting partnerships and cooperation among innovators, policymakers, and stakeholders to drive progress towards decarbonization.


Prioritizing environmental responsibility and the reduction of carbon emissions through the adoption and promotion of renewable energy sources and efficient transportation solutions.


Empowering communities with sustainable mobility solutions and infrastructure, while simultaneously transforming costs into savings through innovative approaches.

Mission Statement

We drive the decarbonization journey through a synergy of four transformative technologies: Solar, Battery, Electric Vehicles (EVs), and Autonomous tech.

We facilitate the integration of these interconnected solutions, fostering collaboration among innovators, policymakers, and stakeholders committed to advancing sustainable mobility, infrastructure and smart cities development.

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