Global Decarbonization Summit

The Global Decarbonization Summit is a crucial event for stakeholders in the energy sector, especially those involved in solar photovoltaics (PV), battery technologies, electric vehicles (EVs), and autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies.


March 19-20, 2025
Porte de Versailles Hall 6

The summit will feature four distinct topic areas, each dedicated to a specific technology crucial for decarbonization:

Solar PV

This session will explore innovations in solar energy, particularly under the new regulations such as the French Solar carpark law, which mandates the installation of solar panels in large parking areas. This policy represents a significant step towards integrating solar energy into everyday infrastructure and will serve as a model for similar initiatives worldwide.

Battery Technology

Advances in battery technology are pivotal for both the energy sector and for the broader adoption of electric vehicles. This session will delve into the latest developments in battery storage solutions, which are essential for managing intermittent renewable energy sources and for the operational efficiency of EVs.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

With a focus on accelerating the adoption of EVs, this session will cover the latest trends and challenges in the EV market. Discussions will aim to address infrastructure needs, technological advancements, and policy frameworks that support the transition from traditional combustion engines to electric mobility.

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) Technology

The potential of AV technology to transform mobility and reduce carbon emissions will be explored in this session. Topics will include the development and integration of AV technology, infrastructural adaptations, and regulatory challenges.

Speakers and Delegates

The summit will host a prestigious lineup of C-level speakers and delegates from around the world, discussing the paths to decarbonization using these technologies. The gathering will serve as a platform for sharing insights, forming partnerships, and showcasing innovations that can drive the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

Networking and Collaborative Opportunities

In addition to the sessions, the summit will provide ample opportunities for networking, allowing attendees to engage with industry leaders, policymakers, and technology innovators. This will foster collaboration and encourage the exchange of ideas necessary to tackle the complex challenges of decarbonization.

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The Global Decarbonization Summit 2024 promises to be a pivotal event, bringing together key players from various sectors to drive forward the agenda of a cleaner, sustainable future.